Dana da Silva
Addicted to my ass in yoga pants
Addicted to my ass in yoga pants

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I am in my home gym right now and I am wearing my tight yoga pants. I know you are addicted to my ass and particularly addicted to my ass in yoga pants! So I order you to jerk off your dick for your fitness goddess. I know you are good at jerking off for me, but you need more training to be a perfect jerk off slave! While you are learning to be a good slave I am good to seduce you and fuck your mind! I want you to pay, as always. My perfect ass will fuck your brain and make you into a completely weak wallet for me! Are you weak and a good jerking off slave? I will allow you to jerk off your dick but only if I give you the permission to cum may you do so! So let us see if I will let you cum or not...