Dana da Silva
Celebrating my 30th with my slave
Celebrating my 30th with my slave

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As you know, it was my birthday recently - my 30th. It has been very special and I have been celebrating it in style. Of course I have received many tributes and gifts, but if you haven't done it yet you still have time to tribute me now! I have also celebrated it with some real slaves. One of my slaves wanted to blow out the candles on my cake with me and I obviously humiliated him as he deserved. The burning wax flowed down his chest while he sang happy birthday to me several times. How pathetic! He has given me a dinner, heels, a Go-Pro, a good tribute, but it's not enough for me... I want something else, I also want his credit card, without any limit! Look how we enjoyed it. (Clip language: English/Spanish)
Tags: Barefoot, Femdom