Dana da Silva
Findom lifestyle
Findom lifestyle

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You love my power, my ass and my dominance! That's why you are here. Submissive men like you need a woman to control you and, especially, to control your bank account. I can do with you whatever I want with you because you are so weak! All that matters is that you please me! Yes, that's the truth, I live in luxury at your expense because you are a submissive weak man. I no longer take care of my daily expenses because findom is my lifestyle and you have to pay. You love buying my clips and with every clip I get richer and you become even more addicted. Every time you buy a clip, every time you pay a tribute, you get more and more addicted to me until you are completely mine! There is one important thing you have to learn. It's that no matter how much you pay, it will never enough for me! So you have to pay again and again for me and my perfect ass! Your money looks so much better on me!