Dana da Silva
I want all for Christmas!
I want all for Christmas!

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I love Christmas and what I like the most is receiving gifts and tributes. I don't care if you're short of money at the end of the year, you'll do anything to please me, I don't care if you give your wife a cheesy and cheap gift in order to give everything good to me. You are going to adore me and give me everything I wan, you will choose good gifts from my wishlist and you will send me good tributes to make this Christmas and the end of the year something magical for your Goddess. On my part, I have something for you too. I know what you want this Christmas: to worship my ass! That is what you want the most, but very few will be lucky enough to adore me in such a way. Show me that you are going to give me, give it to me and please me... You know that I'm a brat goddess and that I always get what I want, I will take everything you have and more!