Dana da Silva
I want to take it all
I want to take it all

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You know that I love money. That is not a new information for you, but I love it even more when it is yours. I have a lot of slaves but I want YOUR money now. I want to take it all. I know how much it costs you to earn it, long hours of work... but in the end you always end up investing it in me. Of course, I love spending your money on my Goddess life, traveling, buying expensive clothes, going to good restaurants, doing my beauty treatments... and you love it too because without paying you are nothing! You should feel very lucky to serve a goddess like me and have me give you my attention. I'm going to want everything from you, your money, your time, your energy, your attention. I want to dominate you completely. Now jerk off your dick for me and start sending me all your money!