Dana da Silva
Jeans ass slave
Jeans ass slave

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I'm going to fuck your brain with my jeans ass. You have no other choice, you will be my jeans slave now. You'll worship my ass and beg to be my chair for facesitting. You're so horny, I know that you want to jerk off while I'm sitting on your face but you may only jerk off when I allow you to. Understood?. You know yourself that your slave face was made for a goddess like me to sit on it. You are addicted to my jeans ass and absolutely submissive. So come on - get your face ready, because I'm sitting down now. Show me that you're a good chair for my jeans ass. Show me that you are absolutely addicted to me and my jeans ass. Maybe you can even cum while I'm sitting on your face, but only if you're a good chair too. So we'll see if you are or not. If not you won't be allowed to cum!