Dana da Silva
You want to worship my ass? Then I'll keep you chaste!
You want to worship my ass? Then I'll keep you chaste!

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Look how perfect I am. Look at my hot ass in these tight jeans and now look at this loser of a slave. Do you think a loser like him deserves to wank his cock or even decide when he can cum? Do you think he can worship my ass whenever he wants without my permission? No! Of course he can't! I decide when he can jerk off his cock and when he worships my ass. I want absolute control over his slave cock and that's exactly why the slave will now pull down his pants, take the chastity device and put it on. He can hand over the keys to me and only then can he worship my hot ass. He is dependent on my ass and will do anything for it. If I want him to be chaste, then chaste he will be! There's no more wanking now. I like this loser so much better this way and I'm sure you can imagine what I have in store for you too. All my slaves are kept chaste after a while and you will be too!