Dana da Silva
You work for me
You work for me

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I have an important message for you! The message is this: YOU WORK FOR ME! Yes you do. You work for your goddess while I enjoy my day! Only I matter and you know it. I deserve that losers like you work hard and give me their money. You know that you won't get any attention if you don't pay because you don't exist to me without a tribute! Only when you work for me, only when I'm around, does your own life have meaning! Without me your life is pathetic. I am and will be your absolute purpose in life. You know it and I know it. I always get what I want and I get it from you. You think you can resist me? My full lips, my tight tits and my perfect ass make you my slave, there is no way around it! I know you get turned on by the thought that you have to work harder and harder to please me. So come now, buy this clip, and let me fuck your brain and absolutely define you as my worker-slave!