Dana da Silva
I drain you for my happiness
I drain you for my happiness

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I am so turned on by your burning need to please me. You know what I like most about financial submissives? The authentic connection that exists between the submissive and the dominant. Everything good that happens to me has an effect on you, to such an extent that my pleasure is yours, you love to see me happy, you love to see me enjoy life. That is why you love to please me, buy me things, pay tribute to me so much, see how my life improves, how my bank account increases day after day, because you recognize me as a Goddess, know the value I have, everything I deserve. You adore this intimate connection between you and me and, yes, I'm going to drain you for my pleasure, because my pleasure is also yours. Now worship my perfect ass. You will send a tribute and jerk off your dick for me. Do it now!