Dana da Silva
Intensive Ass Worship
Intensive Ass Worship

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You are totally addicted to my ass and today you have to worship my ass very intensively. First you have to worship my ass in jeans shorts. My ass is very close to your face. Do you want me to sit on your face now? Dou wish to be my seat, a human seat for my perfect ass? Yes, that's what you want, because you are addicted to my ass! Take a deep breath now and feel my ass on your face. I want you to sniff it too. Do it loser. I'll show you where to place your nose. If you are a good ass sniffer I will take off my shorts and allow you to kiss my ass! Of course, because you are addicted to my ass, and because my ass is so perfect, you have to send a hot tribute! So do it, send me a big tribute, and maybe I will allow you a cum countdown!