Dana da Silva
My slave forever
My slave forever

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Today you may be present as I use my slave. He belongs to me and he will stay that way forever. We start with him pampering my boots before he is allowed to present me with a gift - a beautiful bracelet with an infinity symbol. How fitting! After the handover he can continue to worship my boots and admire my perfect hot ass in my tight jeans. Would you like to kneel in front of me like this? I order him to kiss my ass and smell it properly. That's just how I like it. A submissive slave who does everything I want. I really push my ass into his face. Look at this loser kneeling in front of me in his chastity device. That's exactly how I'll have you soon. However this loser is completely untrained, which is why he's going to do a few push-ups first. Are you trained or do I have to train you too and help with the whip? In any case, he'll be used extensively by me as an ass-teaser and facesitting slave. He's going to get my ass in his face!