Dana da Silva
You will become my toilet
You will become my toilet

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Do you know what you are to me?! You're a toilet. A living human toilet. Just an object for me to use. You like my ass, don't you? Then make yourself useful and open your fucking mouth when I have to pee and shit! You will open your mouth whenever I order you to. You will undergo hard training as a toilet slave until you can serve me completely and perfectly. You will learn to swallow my piss, chew my shit and take it all in. Can you imagine how horny it will be to serve me like this? As a toilet slave you will reach the highest level of being a slave and give up 100% control. As my toilet you will have no more rights. You will be nothing but a toilet at all times for your mistress. Now we will make an agreement. You will now jerk your cock for me and my ass and the moment you cum you agree to be my toilet forever! Don't worry, you can stop just before the orgasm, but if you cum for me and my ass, then it is absolutely binding that you will be my toilet, understood? Jerk off! I'll make a toilet out of you now!