Dana da Silva
Slave training in my tight jeans
Slave training in my tight jeans

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Do you think you are a good slave to me?! I will test you now. You must worship me and my perfect ass in tight blue jeans. You will jerk off your dick under my command and you will do whatever I say! What are you waiting for? Show me your loser dick and start jerking off. I know you are addicted to my ass in jeans and that makes it much easier for me to control you. I know I make you so weak now. Can you feel how powerful my ass is in jeans? Do you feel me taking more and more control of you because you can't resist my perfect ass? Yes, I know you feel that. Kiss my ass now and jerk off your dick. Of course you are not allowed to cum until I allow you to cum, but before that you first have to kiss the dirty soles of my boots. If you do that well we can continue and maybe I allow you to cum for my ass in jeans!