Dana da Silva
$1000 ass worship
$1000 ass worship

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We both know that you are completely addicted to my ass. Your addiction to my ass - and especially in jeans - is absolutely unlimited and that means you are willing to pay any price to worship it. My ass owns you and has all the power. I always get from you what I want, I always get everything I deserve and you will fall under the control and manipulation of my ass. This goes much further, it is that adrenaline rush that you feel every time you pay for me, every time you pay for my ass, every time you exceed your limits. Paying me excites you, giving me your money is giving me more control over you and makes you weaker and weaker, which is, of course, your wish. You love giving me full control over you, you love to jerk off while you pay more and more for me and my ass until you cum for me. Today I will make you so weak that you are going to pay me $1000!