Dana da Silva
Stop being a loser
Stop being a loser

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Today I'm going to take you to the limit... I'm going to enter your mind and I'm going to make it very clear to you who is in charge here! The thought that you can do whatever you want is going to end, from now on your free will ends. Let me be very clear to you, you fucking wanker pig, that from this moment on I am going to start controlling everything about you. Your Goddess Dana Da Silva will be your only investment. Now you are mine and that's why I'm going to mold you cater to my every whim, I'm going to turn you into a perfect submissive for me and I'm going to get everything out of you! You will no longer have to search and search without knowing what you are looking for... You will never again feel like a fucking failure! After the bullfight that you are going to have today you will never again feel that life has no meaning!